Valentine's Day 

Journey within today!!! The more you learn to love yourself, the more love will come into your life!!! The most important relationship, is the relationship you have with yourself beautiful ones!!!! The more you are desperate for love, the more you tell the universe you are not worthy of love!!!! "LOVE IS.....YOU Love is not something you search for. Love is not something you wait for. Love is not coming ‘one day’. Love won’t ride in on horseback. You can’t manipulate someone to get their love. You can’t manipulate yourself either. If you can win love, it’s not trustable. If you can lose love, it’s not really love. Love is here, neither found not lost. But here. The more desperately you seek love the more you communicate to the universe that you are unworthy of it. Your job is not to seek love, then, but to be it, know it as your essence, feel it infuse your very being, hear it drip from your in-breath, and shimmer through your out-breath. Call off the search. Love is You.” ~Jeff Foster

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