Elemental Energy
Sound Bath Meditations

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Curious to see what our meditations are all about?

This video is a 9 minute sample of our full length meditations, including an array of

our favorite instruments and tones to give you an immersive idea of the

peace and tranquility you will receive in our Sound Baths.


We suggest using headphones to truly get the most out of the experience!

Sound Healing Layout

About Us

Elemental Energy
Sound Bath Meditations

Elemental Energy was created from Daria and Robby's love that they've learned to feel for themselves, each other, and the world through music and healing.

Robby has had a deep love for playing music since he was a young child, expressing it through drum corps, bands, in school, and always striving to learn new instruments and techniques. One Christmas Daria gifted Robby a steel tongue drum, and through the pandemic they started combining the drum with sound bowls, and instantly fell in love with the combination.

The connection that was built around sound playing together deepened, the collection of instruments grew to include several different kinds of instruments and unique sounds, and sound healing became an integral part of growing our relationship and feeling that deep loving connection with ourselves and each other.

Our Practice symbolizes perseverance, love, and the desire to hold space for others and inspire them to heal and show up for themselves.