My Person Healing Journey that lead me to start Enchanted Flower Healing 

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My life obstacles are my greatest life lessons that made me a warrior.  I was born with severe birth trauma. My mother's umbilical cord wrapped around my neck 3 times. I lost oxygen to my brain which caused me to be clinically dead. I was revived, but this caused me to have massive anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and learning disabilities.


That made ever aspect of my life challenging. I literally crawled through mud on my hands and knees to get to where I am today. Having gone through all of these difficult challenges, I knew that I was very different than most children because school was very strenuous when it came to learning. Fitting in with peers was also extremely difficult and resulted in being bullied and no friends.


During high school, it was extremely difficult that I never wanted to go and would suffer with explosive anxiety and panic attacks.

Art class was one of my  subjects because I loved to create. Teachers in school would grade my art very poorly, saying my art work was too immature. Having teachers grading my work poorly gave me low self esteem and low self worth, but I never gave up on trying.


One thing I loved to do as a child that helped me find peace, was to draw flowers all over my work at school. One day I decided to draw a flower picture with the words "flower power" on it, and gave it to my grandfather.


My grandfather was a special part of my life. He always shared so much joy and laughter with his grandchildren. To show my grandfather how much he meant to me, I gave him the picture, he hugged me and hug it on his wall. It hung in his office until he passed away.


In 2016 during my spiritual awakening experience, my grandfather whispered softly in my ear to use this symbol in my healing practice. This symbol means to me that against all odds, you can do anything that you set you heart and mind to. Its is a symbol that reminds myself and others to always take the time for deep inner healing of the soul. 


What is Holy Fire Reiki and How It Can Transform Your life ? 

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​ Holy Fire Reiki

is a powerful and life changing healing modality that can create a symphony of healing energy through out your body. This healing energy comes from highest realms within the universe to heal your chakra system with light touches that can create miracles through out your mind, body, spirt, and emotion. 


Holy Fire Reiki using the power of love from all different ascended masters  from all different believes from Buddhism Hinduism, Christ Consciousness, Native American, Egyptian, and Peruvian shamanism.


My 1:1 Deep Healing Sessions will take your soul on a magical and life changing journey towards self love and true inner peace. You will free weightless and carefree during sessions.  You will feel loved and protected to let go in this 60 min session. 


My sessions allows you to heal your own life!!!

You will learn:


~Have a better relationships with your emotions.

~Face and make peace with your fears. 

~ Shadow Healing Work 

~Balancing your own chakras 

~Better relationships with others 

~Help you to live both in the physical & Spiritual world.

Sessions Include:

Holy Fire Reiki

Sound Healing

Chakra Coaching with email healing tools.