My Person Healing Journey that lead me to start Enchanted Flower Healing 

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 Hello beautiful soul, I'm Daria Ann, a spiritual warrior.

My healing journey to becoming a warrior started when I was born with severe birth trauma which led me to die at birth. This trauma created many challenges in my life moving forward. Growing up, I developed chronic anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and learning disabilities which made life extremely difficult and hard to manage.

School was strenuous when it came to learning, and fitting in with peers was very grueling and painful. I was bullied continuously and I could not make any friends as a result of that. It was a miracle that I graduated high school, but I pushed on and persevered into graduating college. After college, I experienced the darkest and most painful life lessons through 5 years of domestic violence. This experience led me to my awakening in 2015.


One thing I loved to do growing up as a child that helped me find peace was to draw flowers all over my work at school. One day I decided to draw a flower picture with the words "flower power" on it, and gave it to my grandfather.

My grandfather was a special part of my life. He always shared so much joy and laughter with his grandchildren. To show my grandfather how much he meant to me, I gave him the picture and he hugged me and hug it on his wall. It hung in his office until he passed away.

In 2015 during my spiritual awakening experience, my grandfather's spirit whispered softly in my ear to use this symbol of the flower in my healing practice. This symbol means to me that against all odds, you can do anything that you set your heart and mind to. It is a symbol that reminds me to rise up and reclaim my self worth and remember that since I was child, being a healer has been my destiny and passion. I live to inspire others to heal from my story of victory.

I provide a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, sound healing, chakra coaching, shadow work and shamanism, all of which have been valuable tools for overcoming all of the challenges on my lifelong healing journey.

I am a sacred container for the spiritual warrior who is ready to claim their self-worth and lead their life with confidence. 


I offer this sacred container of healing in order to transmute pain into power and help raise the collective energy towards love.