True Purpose of Retrograde 

⚘Enchanted Flower Healing morning thoughts: Mercury Retrogrades true purpose is to bring us more closer to releasing negative emotions and situations that we must work on that are holding us back. During this time, we must learn stay grounded within motherearth . Take more time to meditate and journey within the depth of our souls. We must learn to see that all of this "turmoil " is life lessons that are evolving our souls into graceful and vibrant human beings. We have to get uncomfortable and push your selfs out of our comfort zones to grow. We must not sit in fear, frustration, irritably, stress, sadness, or depression in this time. Let retrograde guide you into a whole new perspective of life. Everything the Universe does, is out of unconditional love!!! 🌏🌠🕉 Namaste, beautiful ones #retrograde #sprituality #enchantedflowerhealing #universe #unconditionallove #enchantedflowerhealing #reikihealing

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