Journey Into Healthy Sexuality

As a society, I feel that we instill humans to have very unhealthy relationships, regarding sexuality, in various ways and extremes. On one side of society, we have instilled upon people to become too sexually promiscuous at such a young age.

Media has dictated to us that is trendy and cool to be over-sexually active and to have sex for the wrong reasons. In this light, we are creating sexual addictions with so many different partners or we are not setting boundaries and forcing ourselves to be intimate with the wrong person that doesn't respect your needs. In this light, women and men are portrayed as merely sexual objects.

On the other side of society, we have people judging others for expressing any form of sexuality, telling others that all sexuality is evil and that sex is only for procreation with your married partner. This side of society also instills fear that if we have these sexual urges, we are sinful.

Both of these ways of thinking are such damaging mindsets, and are both examples of an unbalanced, blocked and overactive Sacral Chakra which can manifest into diseases.We really need to heal from these damaging and limiting mindsets that can cause disease and stop us from being in the highest vibration of the Universe.

The first step to healing this energy center is being able to identify when this energy center is blocked and unhealthy.

Here is a list of unhealthy, blocked Chakra attributes:

-You’re addicted to anything that brings you negative pleasure such as food, gambling, sex, work, alcohol, drugs, compulsive buying, etc. -You feel emotionally numb or cold, and you find it hard to feel very much of any kind of emotion -You’re sexually frigid, and you have a low to non-existent libido -You’re sexually impulsive, and your libido tends to be in overdrive -You’re neurotic, and you can’t handle spontaneity or uncertainty -You have reproductive problems such as infertility, impotence or menstrual issues

Tools and tips to use to help you unblock this Chakra:

-Reiki healing, Reiki helps to balance and harmonize each Chakra. You can receive Reiki or you can do it on yourself.

- Daily mediation practice -Sound healing -Essential Oil Aromatherapy, has powerful healing properties that can restore feelings of sensuality and creativity. To open the

Sacral Chakra, diffusing cleansing

aromas like cardamom, eucalyptus, chamomile, jasmine, spearmint, patchouli, ylang ylang, rose, or clary sage. You can choose to defuse the oils, digest the oils, or message the oils into your skin.

I feel that for helping to boost this Chakra, messaging this oils into your skin can have many wonderful benefits. It allows you to use the oils in a sensual way with yourself or with your partner that can help release blockages in all areas of your body. Our hands have natural healings abilities and just know where to go naturally when we need unblocking.

Healthy sexuality that fills your soul, has so many healing properties that can benefit your whole body. Sacred sex can transform your life by adding more joy, which can help to boost your immune system and create a sacred powerful vibration of pure magic from the divine with in your body.

Healthy Sexuality is truly transcendent and should be taught not to be had for the wrong reasons of being sinful or being too sexuality overactive with everyone. Healthy sexuality is about two souls coming together to create something beautiful and magnificent together.

~ Daria Ann xo

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