⚘⚘Enchanted Flower Healing gratitude challenge:

Day 4:

Ask your self.........
What random things have happened to you the past few days, that you are truly grateful for?

I am truly grateful for the universe guiding me to find this book about angels. My heart over flows with such joy and happiness when thinking how this book came into my life.

By simply walking into my favorite restaurant, I saw a bookshelf outside. As I walked close to this bookshelf full of free books, this book stood out to me, and I knew in my heart, that this book was ment for me to have.

I felt the angel's sing around me that day, and this was proof that they are sending me signs from the universe.

I am so excited to read this book and I am excited what new adventures it can show me to life my best life possible.

I am grateful Universe for all you do for me everyday of my life. Guiding me in such unconditional love.⚘🙏😇🙏⚘

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