Daria Ann's 10 Tips To Self Love

💜🌹💜 Self love and self acceptance is the foundation for all love. You can't truly love another until you learn to love and accept your self. Self love is not coming from a place of vanity. Self love is knowing in your heart and soul that you are good enough. No one is truly better than you and you are not better than anyone else. We are all connected, and we are all equals.

......Here are my top 10 tips to finding more love for yourself!!!

💜1. Identify Your "Why":

Knowing why this journey is important to you, can help you to stay on the right path. It will allow you to not give up when times get tough. If you want to make this shift in your life, you must know why this journey to self love is so important to you. When you have understanding of this it will allow you to emotionally connected and motivated stay on your journey towards love.

💜2.Have Forgiveness:

How can you expect to move forward in your life if you’re being weighed down by anger and resentment? Forgive yourself first, and forgive others. You’re not condoning their behavior because that is NOT self love. when you forgive other people for their wrong actions, you’re simply giving yourself permission for this to no longer affect you and cripple you. This can be very challenging to do but it's a very important lesson to learn and understand.

💜3.Having Gratitude:

Love and Have gratitude for everything that has shaped who you are. Hiding our pain does not heal our souls. We must understand where our pain truly stems from and understand what it showing you. Once you understand this, we grow more acceptance and gratitude for everything that has made you a stronger and braver person. we must shift our perceptions about the situation.

💜4.Time time for yourself:

Taking Time in your day for self care

It is so fundamentally important that we are making time for ourselves during the day. Coming up with a self care practice for a set amount of time, can allow you to feel more peace and tranquility within yourself. Some great ideas for your self care practice are

meditations, Self Reiki, baths, exercising, facials, art, music, etc.....

💜5. Boundaries setting:

Being able to form boundaries is so important to living a happier life. Being able to establish this, can take you power back from others to honor your value. Setting boundaries allows others to know your wants, needs and desires as well. If you have never felt powerless around others and you are getting a bad feeling around them, it is time to set some boundaries. Setting boundaries is a wonderful way to open and clear your throat Chakra.

💜6. Watching your self talk:

we all have the tendencies to be harder on yourselves than anyone else. Be gentle with yourself and the way you choose to speak about yourself. Listen to your self talk, what is it like? Are you constantly putting yourself down? Treat yourself like your best friend, with compassion!! Affirmation work is very helpful when you want to change the way you view yourself.

💜7. Surround yourself with good company:

The best kinds of people to spend your time with, are the ones that want to see you succeed in all you do. When you surround your self with people who do not respect you, they might try to take you down and not want you to grow as a person and not respect your boundaries. Be around people who truly love everything about who you are as a person and nourish your soul.

💜8. Stop comparing yourself

If you are always comparing yourself to others, you are NEVER going to see how special YOU are!!!!! The grass is never greener on the other side. Everyone has life challenges that they have to work on. Everyone on social media is walking through their toughest moments and we can not see that, just because someone doesn't post something negative, dose not mean that they are having a tough time. Just remember, no one is truly better than anyone. We are all equals, trying to navigate through life. We are all made differently, but we are connected as one !!! Namaste

💜9. Letting go of your past

Forgetting and shoving your pain and emotions under the carpet is not healing!!!!

To heal yourself, is to understand your past and where your pain truly stems from.

Understanding your pain and what it showed you, will help you to learn to have gratitude for everything that has made you who you are, strong, brave, and resilient. It is a part of who you are. You can't change it!! You can only shift your perception and not allow the pain and suffering to cripple you anymore. Pretending it never happened will never allow you to heal your heart. You must go through the darkness into the light of the Universe.

💜10. Setting a spiritual practice for yourself

Having faith in a higher power can having healing power and has the power to transform your life when you trust in the Universe. The Universe has your back in everything you do in life from the biggest things to the smallest things. Set up time during your day to honor the light inside of you that comes from the Universe. This will also take you on a journey to learning things about yourself, and those new thoughts, feelings, passions, and raw emotions will make you appreciate yourself for being authentically you.


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